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The actual occasion will include an all out prize pool worth $25,000 and the triumphant prize has been set at $10,000. The actual occasion will extend for five days from July 22 through July 26.

How Are the VALORANT PAX Arena Ignition Series Played? grand dragon lotto

There will be two principle designs for the occasion. The first spotlights on the gathering stages which will run in four gatherings of five groups each. The match-ups will grand dragon lotto be in a Best of Three (BO3) design and the main two groups of each group will advance to the end of the season games.

Once in the end of the season games, groups will change the arrangement to a solitary end section with no renewed opportunities for the individuals who neglect to get it done. Quarterfinals will be played in a BO3 design while the Grand Finals will be played in a Best of Five (BO5) design all things being equal.

Valorant PAX Arena Ignition Series Schedule

There are four fundamental stages to the occasion pretty much. Each will run in its allotted time allotment as follows:

Gathering Stage: 22-23 July 2020

Quarterfinals: 24 July 2020

Semi-finals: 25 July

Stupendous Finals: 26 July

Valorant PAX Arena Hosts and Casters

Where to Watch Valorant Arena Pax Invitational?

Every day may have a somewhat extraordinary timetable, however it will consistently be communicated on one of two channels:

PAX Arena Channel

Valorant Channel

The Wednesday and Thursday occasions will be accessible at 2 PM PT/5 PM ET. The Friday and Saturday Events will start off at 12 PM PT/3 PM ET and the Grand Finals will get back to the 2 PM PT/5 PM ET time.

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